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Wir präsentieren die 20 beliebtesten Apps für Ihr Windows Phone. Das Beste: Viele der vorgestellten Anwendungen können Sie kostenlos laden und sofort. Laden Sie Apps für Ihr Windows-Telefon direkt auf Ihr Smartphone herunter. Durchsuchen Sie Tausende kostenlose und kostenpflichtige Apps aus. Dies führt dazu, dass Windows 10 Mobile-Nutzer beim Umstieg zu Android und iOS ebenfalls Apps vermissen oder zumindest gewisse. Exklusive Gratis-Apps für Lumia-Smartphones: Viele Anwendungen von Microsoft Mobile (Ex-Nokia) sind bislang nur für Lumia-Geräte verfügbar. Der Redmonder Konzern arbeitet seit Jahren an Apps und Tools, mit Microsoft hat seine mobile Plattform – Windows Phone respektive.

The Best Windows Phone Apps

Dies führt dazu, dass Windows 10 Mobile-Nutzer beim Umstieg zu Android und iOS ebenfalls Apps vermissen oder zumindest gewisse. Wir präsentieren die 20 beliebtesten Apps für Ihr Windows Phone. Das Beste: Viele der vorgestellten Anwendungen können Sie kostenlos laden und sofort. Auch für Windows-Smartphones mit der Version alias Mango hat Navigon seine Navi-App zugeschnitten und etwa das Europapaket im Marketplace für rund 85 Euro untergebracht. Eine der Bestes Angebot auf Seite 4 / 4.

It supports audio and video calls available on Windows 10 Mobile , all with HD sound quality. Group chat is available, with groups of up to participants!

Telegram is a messaging app that focuses on privacy. It also has group chat support for up to participants, and you can send video files that are up to 1GB in size.

This is a great app to create and share Vine videos. You can share your or other Vines on Facebook or Twitter. Line is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

It features what all the other messaging apps offer. It also features a Timeline that is similar to Facebook, so your friends can like and comment on your posts.

You can search for restaurants near you, by cuisine, and you can browse restaurants based on reviews and ratings. You can even see available tables in real time!

The official Starbucks app is on Windows Phone for Starbucks lovers. The app allows you to pay, leave a tip, check, and reload your Starbucks card, and even send Starbucks eGifts to a friend.

A great app for those looking for something more than your typical built-in timer. BigOven is truly big. It has a collection of more than , recipes.

It makes the search easy by allowing you to search by rating and also displaying recent recipes with high star ratings.

This is one of the most popular games around, with over million players. If you like to play alone, this game has a great solo mode where you go through missions that take you all over the world.

So, grab your Windows Phone and save the world from certain destruction. Build your world, craft weapons and armor, and survive in one of the most popular games of all time.

You will create your own world, with access to skins and all sorts of add-ons. Start creating, building, and defending your land with Minecraft.

Angry Birds is so beloved it spawned a movie. Space brings a new twist to Angry Birds. Are you with the rebellion, or with the empire? The Star Wars phenomenon never dies down, and here is a game to satisfy your Star Wars hunger until the next movie.

You gather and train your troops, so that you can defend your base against attacks to move on to the next level.

The sequel to Temple Run , it brings new levels, new graphics, and more action. Unlock new achievements, and test your reflexes. The game takes place in a temple floating in the clouds.

Because the game takes place in the sky, you have aerial gameplay, with zip lines used to swing across large gaps.

This gives players a new way of interacting by tilting the device to perform a swing. Candy Crush Saga is free to play, but some in-game items, such as extra moves and lives, require you to pay extra.

Remember Frogger? It has become very popular on all platforms with over million downloads. You can search through more than , podcasts.

It is a straightforward app, but if you need help, there is an in-app user guide. It has a very easy to use interface where you can keep and organize your videos, movies, and music.

Spotify allows you to browse and listen to virtually any song that you want to play. The app is able to make a personalized playlist and recommend music that suits your taste.

Pandora is the intelligent music app that learns what you like and offers you personalized music.

You can browse through literally hundreds of stations to find the music you like. This app also works with Cortana and if you create an account, all your stations will be available on your desktop, TV, home devices, and even in your car.

TuneIn Radio is a very popular app that brings real radio to your smartphone. From music and sport, to talk radio and news, you can choose radio stations from all over the world and listen to them on your Windows Phone.

Shazam offers you a way to identify music playing around you. Watching TV on your mobile device is great and Netflix offers the best content, layout, and features.

This free app can be had as part of your Netflix membership. With a low monthly fee, you can watch any TV program, anytime, and as many times as you like.

Hulu is another very popular TV streaming app that allows you to search through many series and TV shows, whether they are current, or classic series.

You can try this service and get a 1-week free trial. You also have a day forecast, and National Weather Service warnings to stay informed in case of emergencies.

It also offers access to over 2, live weather cameras across the U. The Weather Channel gives you hourly and day forecasts.

Radar maps show you currents and past weather maps, with layers showing rainfall and snowfall. It has severe alerts and breaking news, with GPS location, so that you can get local weather reports.

Accuweather has a MinuteCast, which offers minute-by-minute rain forecasts localized to your exact street address or GPS location.

You can also have it push severe weather alerts to your phone. With the official Bloomberg app from Bloomberg Financial, you can do just that.

It also has other features like a currency calculator and a customizable scrolling ticker. For up-to-date news from all over the world, The Associated Press official app has you covered.

Flipboard is one of the most popular news apps. Once you set it up, you can also install the Windows 10 Flipboard app for your Windows PC, and continue reading your stories in a beautiful distraction-free full screen mode.

This app also has a companion app for your Windows PC, so you can have a truly uninterrupted reading experience. Drudge Report Plus is basically a feed that gets its information directly from drudgereport.

This is mainly stories and reports from the United States, but there are also international politics, entertainment, and other current events.

The Economist for Windows brings you selected weekly articles from The Economist. You can register for an account at economist.

This is one of the best photo editing apps available. You can choose from simple edits, like crop and straighten a photo, to adding filters, auto quick fix, adding frames, and more.

OneShot is a professional camera app that allows you to have a lot of control over your camera. You have access to adjust your white balance, filters, manual focus for precision, and adjust your ISO.

Blink brings a different approach to photo-taking. It takes a burst of photos, and that way you can choose the best of the bunch. It offers great features like video stabilization, focus lock, and you can turn that burst of photos into an animation that you can share with your friends.

It has 23 customizable effects that you can add to your pictures allowing you to put some textures on, add frames, crop, and edit quickly and easily.

Would you like to use both the front and the back camera at the same time? DualShot allows you to do just that.

LastPass allows you to store all your passwords and logins. LastPass will automatically fill in the passwords for you in your browser or other apps.

This app also supports Continuum, Cortana, and Windows Hello. Once you unpack your files, you will be able to display pictures, read text files, and play music, or video, within 8Zip.

We all need to access the flashlight quickly, and this app allows you to do just that. You can also connect and interact with your PC remotely and even copy text from your phone and then paste it on your PC.

This scanner not only scans the QR code, but will save it in your phone for later viewing. This Battery app gives you three types of live tiles.

It will give you information about your usage, charts, time remaining, and even different types of notifications including, low battery, fully charged, and more.

The Uber app allows you to get a ride right from your smartphone. You can add a credit card or use Paypal.

Yelp is great for those who are new to a city and want to find out where the best restaurants, shopping, or bars are located.

It allows you to browse reviews and check out the place before you go. It can also locate places nearby based on your location.

You can also connect with others and see what they have to say. Microsoft To-Do launched in The app works as a streamlined list app that supports shopping lists or more advanced plans that incorporate location data and dates.

It is the replacement for Wunderlist, and it integrates with Microsoft Outlook if you sync with a Microsoft Account.

Massive number of illustrated and video tutorials included. Autodesk SketchBook is a powerful app for beginner and professional artists that transforms their Windows 10 touchscreen device—like Microsoft's Surface line of computers—into a digital canvas.

Autodesk SketchBook boasts over different types of digital brushes, a user interface that's designed for the native stylus and touch experience, and a vast amount of color and effect options.

When it comes to this app, you really are only limited by your own imagination. Odds are that you already have Instagram installed on your smartphone but did you know that there's also an Instagram for Windows 10 PCs and tablets?

This free official Instagram app receives notifications about new Instagram messages directly within the Windows 10 Action Center. The app's Live Tile feature displays the profile images of people who have commented on your photos when pinned to your Start Menu or Start Screen.

By far the best perk of having Instagram on your Windows 10 device though is that it makes watching Instagram Stories a more powerful viewing experience.

With the bigger screen size, watching your Instagram Stories feed feels more akin to watching YouTube videos. It's now easier to let the app play through all the latest Stories while cooking in the kitchen or working out.

Your hands are now completely free when viewing them, unlike when using Instagram on mobile. Originally launched in , the Nextgen Reader offers great syndicated reading through Really Simple Syndication.

Use it to sync your Feedly list or build your own curated list of RSS links. The program moves quickly and uses a well-established, responsive three-pane reading environment.

Netflix proved to be an early adopter for the Windows 8 ecosystem, launching its app in

The Best Windows Phone Apps Die besten Apps für Windows 10 Mobile

Somit findet man immer zum richtigen Raum. Diese Anwendungen helfen dabei, produktiver zu sein und Aufgaben mühelos zu erledigen. Der Funktionsumfang ist zwar lückenhaft, trotzdem handelt es sich um eine alltagstaugliche App, da alle nötigen Funktionen unterstützt werden:. Nähere Informationen findest du in Skill7 Com Datenschutzerklärung. Hausaufgaben lassen sich ebenfalls First Affaire Kostenlos, sowie Schulnoten. Entweder, weil es einfach unsere Leidenschaft ist, oder damit wir unser tägliches Brot finanzieren können.

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Best Windows Phone apps The Best Windows Phone Apps

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